Why shakespeare s romeo and juliet still interesting moder

List of William Shakespeare screen adaptations

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The 7 Best Shakespeare Film Adaptations

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William Shakespeare and his Influence on Modern Language

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Shakespeare’s language is still very much in use, but we just don’t notice it because it’s so familiar it appears clichéd. Here are just some expressions coined by. Why is Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" still interesting to a modern teenage audience?

There are many themes in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Different people find many different themes; it all depends on ones point of view.

Some common themes are: Love, Fate and Hatred. Each of these themes is discussed below in relation to the film/play. Centuries my have passed since William Shakespeare last put ink to paper, but the stories he's spun aren't going anywhere.

Director Joss Whedon was a film festival hit with his updating of Much Ado About Nothing (), and today another re-telling of Romeo & Juliet hits select theatres (after Warm.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

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Home / Literature / Romeo and Juliet / Events / Then she hath sworn that she will still live chaste? ROMEO She hath, and in that sparing makes huge waste; Compare Romeo's speech above to Sonnet #4, below: Unthrifty loveliness, why dost thou spend.

The 7 Best Shakespeare Film Adaptations. By Shane Ryan Romeo + Juliet, Francisco Zeffirelli’s film is still the best adaptation ever. How extensive was Shakespeare's vocabulary? Shakespeare, in his plays, poems, and other writings, used 29, unique words. Most people today only use .

Why shakespeare s romeo and juliet still interesting moder
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