Logarithm compound interest and end

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The rule of 72 for compound interest

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Compound interest

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Using the Rule of 72 to approximate how long it will take for an investment to double at a given interest rate. In this formula, rate is the annual interest rate expressed as a fraction; since it is more conventional to quote interest rates as a percentage the program does this conversion for us.

Compound interest may be contrasted with simple interest, where interest is not added to the principal, so there is no compounding. The simple annual interest rate is the interest amount per period, multiplied by the number of periods per year.

APPLICATIONS OF EXPONENTIAL AND LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS (Interest Rate Word Problems) The annual percentage rate is the rate that you would receive if the interest was calculated at the end of the year.

This means there was no compounding during the year. Take the natural logarithm of both sides of the above equation. Compound Interest. You may wish to read Introduction to Interest first. With Compound Interest, you work out the interest for the first period, add it to the total, and then calculate the interest for the next period, and so onlike this.

Demystifying the Natural Logarithm (ln)

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Logarithm compound interest and end
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