Economic history master thesis topics

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Good Topics for Economic Research Papers: Current Problems You Can Analyze

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Topics for master theses

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United States Us Economic History dissertation for a graduate thesis defense. Political, socio-economic history of the Middle Ages; Verschriftelijking; Auxiliary sciences; History of the church; Medieval sources; Prof.

dr. Heidi Deneweth. Urban planning and housing (early modern period) History of the family (early modern period) Prof. dr. Paul Erdkamp. Material aspects of the city Rome: demography, logistics and economy. Feb 24,  · What are some great topics for a thesis as an economics undergraduate student?

Update Cancel. ad by Atlantic BT. What are some interesting masters thesis topics in economics without applying econometrics? What are good topics for a thesis in bachelor of finance? A major challenge the world faces today is the insufficient supply of renewable energy.

A masters program in renewable energy is a postgraduate degree program whose aim is to help in meeting challenges facing the world today- production of renewable energy.

American History

Topics concerning British Atlantic maritime history in the periodbased on analysis of sources contained in online book collections (such as Early English Books Online, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Making of the Modern World), rare books and microfilms held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, ship registers, newspapers, trade lists, colonial records, ships' muster rolls and parliamentary papers.

The Master of International Affairs (MIA) is a two-year, full-time degree program, focusing on the Americas and Asia. GPS students develop invaluable global perspectives through engaging with a diverse range of people and ideologies, sculpting skills and sensibilities that will shape future political and economic policies and strategies.

Economic history master thesis topics
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